December 07, 2016  |  Sales

We are excited to announce our partnership with Darktrace.

We have had a lot of interest in the technology, with several customers already using it, and others who are in the process of trialling it.

Darktrace deals with breach identification, breach remediation and insider threats by automatically alerting you to anomalies within your environment and allowing you to play events back through a threat visualiser.


As shown by Mandiant Research, identifying a breach can take a very long time - an average of 146 days! Once identified you then have the additional time needed to discover what the attacker/insider has compromised and what damage has been done. Often attackers will move through an environment to give themselves multiple areas for re-entry in case of a detection and to get access to more data/accounts.

It’s often very difficult to cut through the noise that event management and SIEM technologies create to get the information you need.

Darktrace automates breach identification and remediation through network and machine learning. The tool discovers what normal user and machine behaviour looks like and then alerts your team (or the SSS team) to any anomalies within your environment. In addition it will allow your team (or ours) to play the event back through a visualiser that shows the threat through a 3D interface of your network topology.

Contact us if you'd like to further discuss Darktrace and/or have us set up and run a free four-week Proof of Value exercise with Darktrace in your environment to establish the value that the tool can provide you.


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