4 Actions CISOs must take to overcome negative perceptions

13 May 2019 | by Guest article by Joseph Carson, Chief Information Security Scientist, Thycotic

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) shoulder tremendous responsibility. They’re ultimately responsible for their company’s cyber security posture. At the same time, the security decisions they make also impact core business metrics such as productivity, cost savings, revenue growth, and brand perception.The world of today’s CISOs is a balancing act. On one hand, they are “enforcers” of cyber security rules and regulations. On the other, they must be “enablers,” working to build a cyb ...

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Free webinar: The need for information security awareness and training - the SSS approach

10 May 2019 | by SSS Security Consultant team

Free webinar - Friday 17 May 2019, 11am NZSTDid you know that according to CERT NZ, the top three incident categories reported in New Zealand in 2017 and 2018 target users? Or that reported incidents cost NZ businesses and individuals over 14 million dollars in 2018?Many people assume that information security is the responsibility of the IT department, without realising that each and every person plays an important role.In this webinar Gavin Willbond will explain why it is important to have ...

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Lessons learned coming into information security

10 May 2019 | by Lea White, PA to the General Manager, SSS

The first memory I ever had of an information security vulnerability was probably about 20 years ago.I was working as a personal assistant in a very large organisation. One morning I received an email from a colleague with a story about Little Red Riding Hood. It was only about two paragraphs long but ended with a link to read more.Clicked on it... nothing happened.Clicked on it again... nothing happened.And after about three or four times I decided to give up.I think I may have even emailed ...

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Knowledge is power - especially when it comes to cyber security

08 Apr 2019 | by Ashton Jones, General Manager, SSS - IT Security Specialists

When it comes to cyber security, complacency can be one of the worst things for any organisation.We are constantly looking at our end-to-end service offering to our customers to make sure it is the best and most effective. As part of that strategy, I actively encourage my team to constantly refresh their knowledge. This enables us to better understand our customers and provide the best advise on how to solve some of their biggest IT security problems.Our account managers are no exception. Be ...

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The Art of War applied to Information Security - Part 1

08 Apr 2019 | by Ashton Jones, General Manager SSS - IT Security Specialists

The Art of War, written by Sun Tzu in 500 B.C, is the oldest known military dissertation in the world. Considering its age, it’s impressive to learn of its continued use and relevance to military and business people today.The book is made up of thirteen principles of war that have been studied and implemented by many military specialists around the globe.I recently re-read the book giving thought to how the principles are relevant to our industry of cyber security and the idea of cyber warfa ...

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Email extortion scams highlighted as the greatest threat in Q4

12 Mar 2019 | by SSS Security Consulting Team

CERT NZ recently published their quarterly report for Q4 of 2018.What happened in Q4?Reported incidents rose by 53% to 1,333 in Q4, the largest quarter to date. This is 3.5 times the count for the same period in 2017. Incidents reported across every region increased by more than 60% with the exception of Auckland (47%). Scam and fraud reports made up half of the reported incidents in Q4 and was up by 236% from Q3. More than 90% were about individuals across all age groups and regions. More t ...

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