SSS Internship Programme - providing opportunities to students to gain real-world experience

09 Apr 2021 | by SSS Team

One of the big challenges within the Cyber Security industry is the ongoing shortage of skilled talent.With COVID-19 and the subsequent closure of our borders, things have become more challenging for many organisations in New Zealand to secure the resources they need.One of the successful strategies we have used to bring new talent and perspectives into our business is our internship initiative. Over the past 4 years we have had around a dozen interns coming from a variety of tertiary instit ...

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Good passwords are as easy as pie

08 Apr 2021 | by Contribution by CERT NZ

Are you password perfect?These days we do a lot online and it sure makes life easier. We pay bills, buy groceries, and keep in touch friends and family. However in doing so, we are accessing and sharing some of our most valuable information about our personal lives and our finances.This information isn’t just valuable to us, it’s also valuable to cyber attackers. They spend their time trying and get their hands on it and if they do, it can lead to significant damage like financial loss for y ...

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Recognising Excellence

01 Apr 2021 | by Ashton Jones, General Manager

SSS operates in a way that always tries to put our staff first. We understand that our staff underpin everything the company achieves and if we invest in our staff and they are engaged, they will do a good job for our clients and in turn we will be more successful.That is why we work hard to try to be a great place to work and maintain a great culture.One of the things that is important in any organisational culture is staff recognition. That is, recognising individuals for their contributio ...

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SolarWinds critical vulnerability

15 Dec 2020 | by SSS GRC Team

Around 18:30 last night (14/12/2020) CERT NZ released an advisory regarding a critical vulnerability in the SolarWinds Orion network management platform. A known nation-state actor is actively exploiting this vulnerability and has already used it to compromise at least one major cybersecurity company (FireEye) and multiple US Government agencies (Department of the Treasury and the Commerce Department).CERT NZ is advising anyone using SolarWinds Orion versions 2019.4 through 2020.2.1 to immed ...

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Junior Excellence in Digital Technology

23 Oct 2020 | by SSS Marketing Team

It's no secret that one of the biggest issues for IT security is the general shortage of talent. One solution is to expand the diversity of talent that we attract into our field.There is a perception from many of the students we speak to that IT Security is largely about Penetration Testing and IT more broadly is about coding and development. These areas generally appear to be more attractive to males and students with a particular skill set.The reality is that there is a need for a much bro ...

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IMPORTANT ADVISORY: New Windows exploit lets an attacker instantly become admin

18 Sep 2020 | by SSS GRC Team

In August Microsoft released a security update that resolved a critical vulnerability in all of its supported versions of Windows Server.As of 18 September, there are many publicly available exploits circulating for this vulnerability. These exploits allow an attacker who can communicate with a domain controller, using the Netlogon-Remote Protocol (MS-NRPC), to gain Domain Administrator access. This means any exploit that gives an attacker a foothold on your internal network (phishing, brows ...

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