Announcing STARS - Security Operations Reinvented

18 Jun 2019 | by SSS Security Operations Team

Let's face it - security incident management is complex. It requires skills and capabilities that most organisations simply don't have. This, combined with the rate of change in organisations, and the demand for more effective and efficient security, is placing a significant strain on IT service providers. This complexity makes it easy to overlook the people and process sides of security.Organisations have a real challenge on their hands: 67% of organisations suffered a major breach in 2018 ...

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You are invited: SSS Cyber Security Day 2019

18 Jun 2019 | by SSS Sales

We invite you to join us at our upcoming SSS Cyber Security Day events.Our 2018 events were a great success:"The Cyber Security Day was great! Thank you SSS team for the excellent preparation.  I have learned a lot of knowledge in a single day" - Jianbo Li"Really good day thank you, speakers were great" - Ian GallowayThis year promises to be better than last year with a theme that is highly relevant to all organisations: Security - The Human Element.It presents a strong message that IT secur ...

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Free Tool: Privileged Account Discovery for Windows

17 Jun 2019 | by SSS Sales Team

Did you know that privileged account passwords are a favourite target of hackers? These accounts can give unrestricted access to your network and systems, where attackers can remain undetected for weeks, months, or even longer.Thycotic now provides an easy (and free) way to discover your privileged accounts and start making your organisation more secure. The Privileged Account Discovery for Windows tool gives you a comprehensive view of all your Windows privileged accounts. It will help you: ...

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The new SSS / SailPoint partnership can help you streamline your identity governance

14 Jun 2019 | by SSS Security Consulting Team / SailPoint

Identity governance makes it possible to see and control user access to all your applications and data — in the cloud and on-premises. It helps your organisation stay secure and compliant at the same time. As users come on board, change roles, or change projects, access is granted to give them just what they need to get the job done.SailPoint makes identity governance easy. Access policies let you decide what rules should be followed when determining who does and doesn’t get access, and repo ...

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The Art of War applied to Information Security - Part 2

16 May 2019 | by Ashton Jones, General Manager SSS - IT Security Specialists

This is the second part in a seven part series dissecting The Art of War.This part focuses on Principles Two and Three. Principle Two - Waging WarWaging war is about first understanding war. Some extracts from the Art of War:War is costly. The longer the battle, the more weary your fighters and more dull their weapons. A prolonged war cannot be sustained and never benefited anyone.It takes experience to understand how to carry out a successful and prolonged campaign.Forage off of the enemy t ...

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4 Actions CISOs must take to overcome negative perceptions

13 May 2019 | by Guest article by Joseph Carson, Chief Information Security Scientist, Thycotic

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) shoulder tremendous responsibility. They’re ultimately responsible for their company’s cyber security posture. At the same time, the security decisions they make also impact core business metrics such as productivity, cost savings, revenue growth, and brand perception.The world of today’s CISOs is a balancing act. On one hand, they are “enforcers” of cyber security rules and regulations. On the other, they must be “enablers,” working to build a cyb ...

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