New Features in Phriendly Phishing User Awareness Training

05 Mar 2019 | by SSS Sales Team

Recently Damian Grace from Phriendly Phishing, delivered a webinar announcing some new features in their user awareness training solution. These new features are now available to all existing Phriendly Phishing subscribers at no extra cost.The original SCAM 101 program focuses on introducing concepts and a general understanding of phishing.  The second module, SCAM 201, helps users refine these skills, and involves more user interaction than SCAM 101.User synchronisationOrganisations can syn ...

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Introducing Gavin Willbond

26 Feb 2019 | by SSS Consulting Team

We are pleased to introduce Gavin Willbond who recently joined our team as a senior information security consultant. Gavin is an experienced IT security professional who specialises in developing and facilitating cyber security awareness training programmes. Gavin has previously provided security advice to leadership teams and has helped them formulate and implement cyber security strategies and policies.Gavin enjoys working closely with customers in the public and private sectors. His exper ...

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Register your interest now for our 2019 cyber security events

06 Feb 2019 | by SSS Sales

In September this year we will be hosting our second series of cyber security events in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.After our successful events in 2018, we will be looking to build on the topics that we covered and incorporate other useful topics based on the feedback we have received. In particular we will also be looking to have a special leadership focus.We are in the process of finalising information and will release details soon.  In the meantime, please register your interes ...

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Data protection is everybody's business

04 Feb 2019 | by SSS Sales

Data Protection Day is an international awareness day that occurs on the 28th of January. It aims to create awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust.Data protection is a serious issueData breaches remain one of the biggest issues for organisations, and breaches are regularly reported in the media.  This can result in financial, reputational, and personal losses for businesses and individuals.Often businesses may not realise for months or eve ...

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Free webinar - Everything you need to know to protect your organisation

01 Feb 2019 | by SSS Sales

On Friday 15 February 2019 at 11am Matthew Bolton from Thycotic will present a free webinar to help you understand the anatomy of privileged account hacks, and how to defend against them.Privileged Account CompromiseA compromised privileged account can be the difference between a simple network breach and major disaster.  This is because compromised privileged accounts allow attackers to impersonate trusted employees or systems.  This kind of access allows intruders to carry out malicious ac ...

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Have you been affected by one of the biggest data breaches?

29 Jan 2019 | by SSS Security Consulting

2019 has had an eventful start with reports of a significant data breach.  This includes a staggering number of email addresses, passwords, and other sensitive information.Sophos has shared some worrying statistics about this data breach.The breach is reported to consist of multiple caches. These collections are estimated to contain over 1TB of data, including over 3 billion unique pairs of email addresses and passwords.It is not clear exactly who has the data and how far back in time it goe ...

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