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  • Nov 5, 2019

We are proud to be collaborating with Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec) as part of the vocational training institute’s Industry Project programme. This project has enabled us to give back to the community by providing students with an opportunity to engage in an industry IT project aimed at solving a real-world business problem.

Project sponsor Tim Sweet is an Information Security Consultant at SSS, and has been supporting a team of three Weltec students: Kirsten Neustroski, Jack Griffiths, and Lachlan Rogers. As well as achieving credits for their degree programs at WelTec, the students have been gaining relevant experience that will be invaluable as they make the transition from academia to industry. 

Pictured l-r
Lachlan Rogers, Kirsten Neustroski, Tim Sweet, Jack Griffiths

The WelTec student project forms part of our tertiary engagement programme

Working with tertiary providers and students gives us an opportunity to increase interest in the cyber security industry. It enables us to help develop talent in an industry with great skill shortages.

It also allows us to build interest in groups that we don’t often see applying for IT security roles, women in particular. Currently women represent about 20 percent of the global cybersecurity workforce. SSS is committed to increasing diversity in our own organisation, as well as in the industry as a whole. By engaging directly with tertiary students, we can make a genuine difference by promoting the industry to talented young women, and help to dispel any myths that may be preventing them from pursuing careers in cyber security.

Our involvement with the tertiary space includes:

  • Participating in the Summer of Tech initiative
  • Showcasing our company at the Victoria University Careers Day
  • Collaboration with WelTec that includes lunchtime tech talks
  • Running student projects with WelTec, and extending this to Victoria University so that students can gain industry experience while they are still studying
  • Reviewing course materials and providing feedback to better align curriculums with the skills that we need in graduate roles
  • Providing an internship programme

Want to know more about the SSS internship programme?

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