Managed Public Key
Infrastructure (MPKI)

The Challenge / Issue

  • The PKI domain is a specialist area and you do not have the skills to implement or maintain a PKI to an appropriate level.
  • You have a poorly implemented certificate authority with no governance or control around standards.
  • When your staff leave your PKI key owners and processes are degraded or lost.
  • Your certificates expire and cause outages.
  • Lack of governance leads to your crypto algorithms being out of date presenting a security risk.


Our cloud hosted MPKI was built with high assurance and provides a secure, simple and effective solution for issuing and managing digital certificates.

MPKI is a cloud hosted, SSS – IT Security Specialists run, managed PKI service.

This cost-effective proprietary platform provides:

  • Centralised control for certificate creation, renewal and revocation.
  • Role-based access control and monitoring for your user activity. The ability to control who can issue certificates, what kinds of certificates they can issue, and to which domains or entities they can issue to.
  • The ability to manage multiple departments or business entities from one account.
  • Needs no onsite infrastructure or software.
  • Hosted in a Cloud environment and implemented with a Level of Assurance rated as “High”.


Control IT costs and reduce labour costs.

  • Outsourcing converts fixed IT costs into monthly costs aligned to your organisation size allowing you to budget effectively.
  • No new infrastructure is required to enable you to consume this service.
  • Zero setup is required by you prior to usage.

  • The service is made available through web services and industry standard protocols, which enables use of the managed PKI service directly from your environment e.g. on-prem or hosted.
  • Completely neutralises costs associated with the PKI back-end.


New Zealand’s only fully outsourced, high assurance PKI.

  • Can be customised based on your certificate requirements.
  • Can be specifically branded for your organisation.
  • Is a fully integrated PKI solution.
  • Provides secure and high assurance PKI.
  • Gives you access to experienced PKI professionals.
  • We take care of the PKI ceremonies and ongoing compliance activities.

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