Key Management

The Challenge

Every IT organisation wants to protect its valuable digital assets from accidental exposure or intentional misuse by cybercriminals. Many organisations have deployed a variety of point encryption solutions as a primary method of protecting sensitive data to meet various digital privacy regulations and compliance mandates.


All encryption involves three aspects: the data to be protected, the algorithm or cipher that transforms the data so that it’s unreadable, and the key, usually a random number.

You have choices in deciding how to manage keys. A host of variables drives this choice, but three typical scenarios emerge:

  • Native key management tools: Using the key management capabilities that are native to an individual encryption product or cloud encryption offering.
  • Localized key management platforms: Secure localized key management devices can be used to augment the deployment of individual cryptographic applications.
  • Centralized key management: Used in larger scale deployments where automation is a primary concern or where unification of key management policies is desirable


Our Key Management platform supports your business continuity and resiliency whilst maintaining a seamless user experience

  • Risk Reduction
    Enhances your security posture by preventing the loss, compromise, and misuse of keys
  • Efficiency & Cost Reduction
    Using a key management solution provides many opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce cost:
  • Compliance
    Data protection is a boardroom issue. Organizations must comply with numerous regulations and internal governance policies and standards

  • Data Protection
    Encryption and tokenisation are primary methods of protecting data but are only effective if the associated keys are protected and managed
  • Flexibility & Agility
    Organisations are being forced to be more flexible and agile, which often means moving applications and storage to the public cloud.


Key management can quickly become a labour intensive and confusing solution. Implementing an enterprise KMS is a strategic decision that the organisation will have to live with for many years and making the right choice of solution is as important as the keys that it protects. SSS are specialists in the field of key management including solution implementation, policies and practices. SSS will conduct a comprehensive review of your requirements for key management including the review of any existing solutions, policies and practices and make practical recommendations to remediate, improve maturity and mitigate risks relating to key management.

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