Certificate Lifecycle
Management (CLM)

The Challenge

Digital certificates have long been used but but still suffer from being unseen and the critical role that they play is often misunderstood and underestimated. 

The most common challenge in managing digital certificates are misconfiguring your PKI, not having visibility of all your digital certificates and relying on manual processes to manage the lifecycle of the digital certificates.

Poor management of your digital certificates can result in unmanaged application outages caused by missing certificate expiries, security breaches caused by misconfigured and non-compliant digital certificates, and ultimately financial and reputation damage. 


Don’t let poorly managed digital certificate lifecycle management impact your business.

We provide powerful machine identity management and security capabilities, including a self-service portal and connectors to certificate authorities. We can assist you to:

  • Eliminate certificate-related outages on applications, services, and security infrastructure with proactive and real-time visibility into ALL machine identities, regardless of location.
  • Manage machine identities for cloud-native infrastructure with extensive open-source and native integrations that are tested and available on DevOps solutions marketplaces. Give developers the freedom to work within their favorite frameworks using fast, frictionless machine identities.
  • Automate machine identity management to achieve the speed and efficiency you need to drive digital transformation. You can manage machine identities at scale and speed while maintaining compliance and control so you can future-proof your business.
  • Prevent malicious or unintended use of machine identities and enforce security controls with automated detection and remediation of risks. Access hundreds of native integration and out-of-the-box integrations that provide the broadest range of threat protection for your keys and certificates.


Our solution solves certificate expirations, management, and security challenges by using the following proactive approach:

  • Visibility
    Gain visibility across your organisation of all certificates including installed location with a consolidated view of known and unknown certificates and create a central inventory of all certificate assets.
  • Centralised Management
    Centrally manage all digital certificates regardless of who issued the certificate and where it is installed.
  • Self-Signed Certificates
    Identify and then reduce the number of self-signed certificates.
  • Alerts & Notifications
    Provide email notifications and escalations of impending certificate expirations.

  • Compliance & Remediation
    Remediate out-of-compliance digital certificates to ensure compliance with regulations, legislation, and best practices.
  • Automation
    Automate your certificate processes by replacing manual certificate lifecycle processes to improve security, efficiency, ease of use, mitigate risks, lower TCO and increase internal compliance.
  • Certificate Best Practice
    Enforce digital certificate best practices with continuous compliance monitoring and reporting.


The CLM Review helps you understand the extent of your exposure by uncovering areas where problems may occur in the future or worse, have already occurred and gone undetected. At the completion of the assessment, you’ll be prepared to take necessary action using a detailed view of the current state of your digital certificates.

SSS PKI specialists will conduct interviews with key stakeholders to evaluate the IT environment and certificate usage. Then a certificate discovery will be conducted to identify your SSL/TLS services and the respective digital certificates associated with those assets. At the end of the assessment, you will receive a report that gives you an overview of the status of your SSL/TLS certificates, prioritises critical areas that need action, and recommendations for action. With this report, you have the information you need to develop a staged remediation plan based on relative urgency.

Not understanding the extent of your digital certificate deployment can lead to unexpected outages and security risks.

The certificate discovery provided by SSS gathers a complete SSL/TLS certificate inventory that is a critical requirement in understanding where security gaps and operational issues exist. SSS will perform a network- and agent-based discovery of all certificates within the environment and automatically imports server certificates from all CAs.

The service will enable you to:

  •   Manually identify certificate related security gaps to reduce risk
  •   Stop outages to avoid business interruption
  •   Build a business case for an enterprise certificate management implementation

Obtaining an SSL/TLS certificate from a “publicly trusted” certificate authority (CA) in many cases is easier than you may expect. Low assurance domain-validated certificates require little authorisation and are issued quickly, typically through automated processes. Self-signed and free SSL/TLS certificates require no management approval and are often used by system engineers to prove concepts and may even be used to secure critical production systems without your knowledge.

The tools to create keys and certificates are readily available, however with the ease of issue comes the lack of management and control of keys and certificates. Managing SSL/TLS certificates particularly if issued from different CA’s is deceptively complicated. Without a centralised view, it becomes difficult to control risks associated with expired or compromised certificates such as costly outages, customer distrust, or losses from data breaches.

Consolidated certificate management, gives you a centralised view of your SSL/TLS data. Allowing administrators the ability to identify certificates that are in violation of corporate policy and those that require action such as renewal or replacement.

Once a complete record of SSL/TLS data has been captured, SSS will upload this information into a secure cloud-based centralised certificate management platform. This powerful and easy-to-use system will allow you the ability to manage all your SSL/TLS certificates from one location regardless of which certificate authority (CA) issued the certificate.  Using the dashboard you will have the ability to access pre-defined and custom alerts to ensure your certificates meet and comply with industry standards. The platform also provides automated TLS server tests and agility scans, which will help you assess SSL/TLS and remediate server configuration issues.

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