The Challenge

Todays, enterprises are dynamic and ever-evolving.

Mobile and cloud applications are changing the business model which is impacting your authentication needs. Passwords and other legacy authentication methods just don’t cut it anymore. As organisations transform digitally, they require authentication solutions that tie seamlessly into today’s working environment and the remote needs of users.  

Your authentication solution provider should offer you as many authentication options as possible. A wide range of authenticators ensures seamless support to different user groups and security needs throughout the extended enterprise – all from a single point of administration.

With a modern approach to authentication, flexibility is the key – You want choice for your authentication methods in order to find the right fit for each type of asset you’re protecting and each type of user you’re enabling.


Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

Identity as a Service is a Zero trust, No fuss, Intelligent authentication platform provided as a SaaS. You can secure access to everything: applications, networks, computers, doors all with cloud-based multi-factor authentication.

Identity as a Service provides an identity assurance platform to protect and control access to enterprise applications, portals and assets when being accessed by Employees, Partners and customers through an adaptive risk-based authentication policy engine.


Identity Enterprise

Identity Enterprise is an integrated IAM platform that supports a full suite of workforce, consumer, and citizen use cases. Ideally suited for high-assurance applications that require a Zero Trust approach for thousands or millions of users, Identity Enterprise can be deployed on-premises or as a virtual appliance.


Our Identity platform supports your business continuity and resiliency whilst maintaining a seamless user experience

  • Improved User Experience
    Proximity-based login, adaptive authentication and other advanced features contribute to an optimal user experience. Happy users don’t try to circumvent security measures. Everyone wins.
  • Reduce the IT teams workload
    Reduce the workload of IT with intuitive self-service tools that allow users to perform a variety of tasks that otherwise would require direct support from IT — including change passwords, enrolling devices and managing digital certificates. Self-Service Module’s provide a Web-based and mobile interface that allows users to manage many aspects of their accounts, freeing administrator time without compromising network security.
  • Scale at Speed
    Cloud-based Identity as a Service scales quickly to accommodate new users, expanding use cases, and evolving security threats.

  • Protect against data breaches
    Humans who manage usernames and passwords will inevitably make mistakes. Credentials will always be vulnerable. The solution is to move past passwords through the use of SSO technology and leveraging Entrusts wide range of authenticators that allows rapid adaption to new technologies and threats.
  • Flexible authentication methods for different users and requirements
    You have choices when it comes to authentication methods. Depending on varying factors such as assets being accessed, the device being used, and the level of technical ability of the user, you may want to choose different authentication methods.

Entrust Authentication Suite

OTP and certificate-based authentication options.

Entrust Authentication Suite

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