Harness the power of deep learning with Sophos Intercept X

  • SSS – Sales
  • Feb 6, 2018

Sophos recently announced a completely new approach to endpoint security that will detect both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures. 

With the increase in volume and complexity of endpoint attacks, security is often reactive and too slow.  SophosLabs analyses over 400,000 new malware samples every day and found that 75% of malware is unique to a single organisation.

In their announcement, Sophos highlighted that when combined with other advanced features such as anti-exploit, CryptoGuard anti-ransomware, and root cause analysis, Intercept X stops the widest range of attacks with the most comprehensive endpoint protection available.

Deep learning, also known as deep learning neural networks or neural networks, is the same type of machine learning often used for facial recognition, natural language processing, self-driving cars, and other advanced fields of computer science and research.

The addition of deep learning to Intercept X is changing endpoint security from a reactive to a predictive approach to protect against unknown threats.

Some of the benefits of the Sophos Intercept X Deep Learning are:

  • Smarter.  It analyses complex relationships between different input features, allowing it to automatically uncover the best combination and manipulation of inputs that would otherwise be impossible for humans to determine.  
  • More scalable.  Deep learning elegantly scales to hundreds of millions of training samples.  Sophos Labs analyses 2.8 million new malware samples every week allowing it to accurately predict threats today while continuing to stay up-to-date over time.
  • Lighter.  The Sophos deep learning model is incredibly small, less than 20MB on the endpoint, with almost zero impact on performance.
  • Incredibly fast.  In less than 20 milliseconds the model is able to extract millions of features from a file, conduct a deep analysis and determine if a file is benign or malicious.  This entire process happens before the file executes.

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