Training & Awareness

The Challenge

The last two decades has seen great technical cybersecurity controls implemented that make it difficult for attackers to break in. They are left with one option – compromise your staff – this is now the easiest way they can break-in. This means your staff are being targeted frequently.

Once compromised, you may not realise that an attacker has found its way onto your systems or what they may do once they succeed. A compromise can have a devastating financial, operational, and reputational impact on your organisation.

The threat landscape is ever-changing and cyber attackers often use sophisticated and hard-to-spot tactics. It takes time for people to develop good habits. Unless cybersecurity training becomes a regular part of your strategy, your staff may not be as aware as they should be.

Our Solution

Educating your staff about cybersecurity risks and threats is one of the cheapest and most cost-effective investments you can make towards your cybersecurity initiatives.

We offer comprehensive training options to empower your staff. Each of these are available as stand-alone or combined as a comprehensive package for maximum effect.

We offer three solutions:

  • In-person or virtual workshops with a message tailored specifically to your organisation.
  • Online phishing simulation training that provides benchmark-setting, training, and ongoing campaigns to reinforce learning.
  • Online module-based general cybersecurity training.


  • Your staff will be better equipped to help protect your networks from the front line.
  • Training is offered in plain, non-technical language and suitable for all audiences.
  • Your staff will be able to apply their learnings immediately.

  • With our in-person or virtual workshops, the message and examples will be tailored specifically to your organisation and audience.
  • Our training solutions require very little input from your technical teams and are quick and easy to deliver.

“The cybersecurity sessions were well attended and the staff got a lot out of Gavin’s non-technical approach and real world examples. Many were taking a lot of notes and forming good strategies on how to protect themselves online. I received many thank-you’s from staff for taking the time to organise these sessions.”

Peter Darlington, IS Manager,
Tasman District Council

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