Staff Augmentation

The Challenge

There is a shortage of experienced cybersecurity professionals in the industry today. This can make it difficult to find and retain in-house expertise. There are some niche areas of cybersecurity where it makes little economic sense to have permanent in-house expertise. Additionally, securing experts for specific compliance purposes or to react quickly in the event of an incident can be challenging at short notice.


We provide expert cybersecurity resources with experience in different industries and in the private and public sectors.

Our service helps organisations:

  • without sufficient internal cybersecurity capabilities
  • that cannot find staff with the necessary skills
  • requiring urgent incident response support
  • requiring specific skills for compliance purposes.


  • Expertise and capability as and when you need it.
  • Cost saving through bulk rates that you can draw on when you need it.
  • Flexibility to focus your efforts and budget on where you need it the most.

  • Accessibility to highly experienced cybersecurity professionals with a diverse skillset to help you reduce your most critical cybersecurity risks.


We provide you with access to senior strategic-level cybersecurity experts as and when you need. They can work with you where you may have gaps within your senior management team and help you with:

  • Strategic input
  • Customised guidance specific to your unique needs and considering your current capabilities, practices, culture, plans, or roadmaps
  • Advice on current and trending cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and industry capabilities
  • Input into your cybersecurity budgets

This service provides you with security resources if you do not have the necessary expertise in-house. Our senior information security consultants have extensive experience to provide support and expertise in a range of areas like architecture, access control, data protection, and regulatory compliance. They can also provide customised technical and policy-related input into your organisation’s IT team. Purchase a pool of hours and use this as and when you need, with unused hours accumulating and carrying over to the following subscription term upon renewal.



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