Risk Management

The Challenge

Risk is at the core of cybersecurity. Without understanding your cybersecurity risks, you may inadvertently leave your business and staff vulnerable. Your risk environment is not static, and your mitigation can’t be either. Effective risk management requires an active response to changes as well as continuous risk monitoring and management.


We can help you understand your cybersecurity risks to give you the foundation you need and to help you determine where you should prioritise your cybersecurity budget. Effective risk management will enable you to better safeguard your environment, and you will be in a better position to meet your stakeholder expectations as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

We offer a comprehensive service to help wherever you might be in your risk management journey.

We can help you:

  • Assess your cybersecurity risks
  • Translate technical language so you understand impacts to your business
  • Develop a suitable framework for your environment
  • Manage your risk and control compliance lifecycle
  • Complete your certification and accreditation services.


  • Awareness of business impacts resulting from technical problems.
  • Safeguard your environment from potentially damaging events.
  • Gain sufficient understanding to correctly prioritise your security budget.

  • Proactive control and mitigation that evolves with your risk environment.
  • Respond immediately when your risk posture changes.
  • Meet your legal and regulatory requirements.


A cybersecurity risk management framework can help you be more effective with your risk management efforts. We can help you develop and implement a mature risk management model resulting in an effective repeatable process for managing your cybersecurity risk.

Our cybersecurity consultants have extensive experience with a range of frameworks and if necessary, will tailor a framework that best suits your needs.

This service helps you streamline your risk management efforts and proactively manage your risks so that you can provide a safe environment. It provides you with a real-time view of your current risk and compliance state and enables more timely and accurate reporting to your senior leaders.

  • Cloud-based platform and support.
  • Risk and control compliance lifecycle management.
  • A single repository of cybersecurity risk information.
  • Rapid identification of risks affected when the status of a control changes and who the affected risk owners are.
  • Pre-established configurable templates to reduce your assessment time and keep your efforts consistent.

A risk assessment provides you with an understanding and overview of your organisation’s cybersecurity risk exposure. It helps you prioritise your remediation and mitigation efforts so you can efficiently reduce the risk of a cybersecurity incident to your organisation. We can base the assessment on relevant security frameworks.

You will receive a detailed qualitative assessment of information security risks across your organisation. Delivering a clearly weighted risk report demonstrating areas of high, medium and low risk exposures against your organisation’s defined information security assets

C&A is a fundamental governance and assurance process, designed to provide the Board, Chief Executive and senior executives confidence that information and its associated technology are well-managed, that risks are properly identified and mitigated and that governance responsibilities can demonstrably be met. It is essential for credible and effective information assurance governance.

It is a requirement for New Zealand government agencies.

We will support your C&A activities right through to preparation of the Certificate and Authority to Operate, using your own C&A process.

We will also support your development of a C&A process if you don’t yet have one, and help you identify efficiencies in your existing process if you’d like it reviewed.

“We engaged SSS on a large Security Consulting assignment in the middle of 2015. We needed to review our security posture over a large project that the Ministry was engaging on so that we could re-assess and better understand our risk profile and re-focus our risk mitigation programmes of work.  We were very pleased with the calibre of the SSS security consultants – they are clearly experts in their field. They have been excellent to work with, and we are particularly pleased with the completeness, clarity and general pragmatic usability of the reports they have created with and for us. SSS have made it much easier for us to focus our efforts where it really counts and to generally make significant improvements in our overall security posture.”

Brad Atte La Crouche,
Manager, Infrastructure Services, Ministry of Education

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