The Challenge

Cyber threats and the associated risks to organisations are growing and changing everyday.  It is challenging for you to present these to your executive teams and boards.

Senior leaders don’t have technical understanding and just want to know that they are safe and secure.

This makes communicating your security priorities challenging.


We can support you in developing your cybersecurity strategies, policies, and associated documents. We can help you translate technical security information into easily digestible language suitable for your executive team. This can help your executives understand the current cyber landscape and associated risks and build strategies to protect your business interests from current and future threats.

We provide the following services:

  • Review your existing cybersecurity governance documentation to ensure it remains fit for purpose in the ever-changing environment or work with you to create it if needed.
    This includes the following documentation, aligned with your selected risk and controls frameworks:

    • Strategy,
    • Policy,
    • Standard, and Guideline.
  • Develop governance and executive management reporting that is relevant so your executives can quickly understand your current cybersecurity state.


Quality cybersecurity governance enables the following for your organisation:

  • Meaningful reporting that empowers robust decision-making by executives.
  • All staff will know their part in the cybersecurity landscape.
  • Better prepared when an incident occurs.


A cybersecurity framework including relevant policies, standards, and guidelines is crucial for effective governance. It enables you to intelligently manage your cyber risk in line with your overall business risk appetite.

We can help you:

  • Select an overarching cybersecurity framework that meets the unique requirements of your environment
  • Develop a bespoke framework if required
  • Develop policies that reflect your operational needs aligned to your risk appetite
  • Review your framework and other governance documentation annually to ensure it remains fit for purpose and is aligned with the changing threat and risk environment

Cybersecurity incident response plans are important to ensure everyone knows how to respond when they need to. With this service we will work closely with you to help you develop a focussed, effective, and efficient response. We’ll also support you to ensure your staff and key decision-makers know their roles during an incident, through tabletop and other simulations.

We follow a three-stage process.

  • Workshops: We facilitate workshops with all your relevant business stakeholders to help us understand your critical business processes and functions.
  • Incident response plan development: Our security consultants develop your cybersecurity incident response plan which includes artifacts such as incident response processes and playbooks.
  • Training: We provide training for any relevant staff who will need to use and maintain your plans. This could include testing against real-life scenarios.

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