Free Machine Identity Protection for Dummies guide

  • SSS – Sales
  • Apr 17, 2018

Venafi recently released a Machine Identity Protection for dummies guide.  It is free to download and to share with your staff.  It is a useful guide to help you understand why cyber criminals target machine identities and how you can keep them safe. 

You will also learn:

  • what a machine identity is,
  • how attackers use machine identities, and
  • why automation improves protection.

Click here to download this free Machine Identity Protection for dummies guide.

Venafi is a leader in the cybersecurity industry.  They are committed to help organisations secure and protect machine identities against forged or stolen keys and certificates.  With their certificate management platform they can help to coordinate the protection of keys and certificates that make up an organisation’s machine identities. 

SSS has staff trained and certified by Venafi in the design, deployment and ongoing support of Venafi solutions.  We are now engaged in Venafi deployments across Australia and New Zealand.  Contact us on +64 4 917 6670 or if you wanted to discuss specific solutions to protect your machine identities.