SSL Partner of the Year and Partner Excellence Award

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  • Jun 30, 2020

We are extremely proud that at the recent Entrust Datacard Virtual Partner Conference SSS was awarded the SSL Partner of the Year for Asia Pacific.

In addition, Megan Schütte, our SSL Product Manager earned an Entrust Datacard Partner Excellence Award for being a top channel reseller.

The award nominator said “…Megan has a true passion for enhancing customers’ certificate management and experience, and with this tireless effort comes some ‘above and beyond’ product management skills. The importance of strong digital identity is at the core of her passion for SSL product management, and this is demonstrated in her advocacy through social channels and forums…” As a company, SSS – IT Security Specialists works hard to attract, train, and retain staff that are specialists in the areas we focus on, and we believe that our technical specialists constitute a real point of difference in the market in which we operate. Great job Megan!

One of the key initiatives Megan was involved with was to design and launch a dedicated SSL website to make it easy for companies to get useful information and to simplify their procurement. You can visit the site here: