Cybersecurity – growing the talent pool and changing perceptions

  • Ashton Jones
  • Jun 2, 2020

One of our key external initiatives at SSS is growing the talent pool for cyber security.

A big part of this is changing the perception around cyber security just being for highly technical individuals. It is so much bigger than that and requires all sorts of skills and personalities.

Over the past two weeks we have had a couple of sessions with Victoria University students and I have been very encouraged by what we have seen.

One of the big wins for us has been the amount of interest we have seen from students who are studying in different areas including other sciences, business, arts, and accounting.

Last year I attended a presentation at RSA where they were talking about recruiting for cyber talent from other areas in the business and training them into the industry. We should really start earlier with students – the interest is there!

Recently Paul Platen, our Principal PKI and Identity Management Consultant was invited to present to student on why to choose a career in cyber security with a focus on the identity management field. It was very well received, and Victoria University has asked Paul to come back and present in person when possible.

Some of the comments Paul received during his presentation:

“That was so good”

“Thank you for the presentation! Just wondering if it was possible for me to jump into cybersecurity from an accounting background”

“I’m doing Computer and Data Science & wanting to be a Data Analyst. Would it be easy to move from this career to Cybersecurity Analyst when I’m out in the field?”