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SSS Cyber Security Day September 2019

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Our speaking topics 

Humans, the friend every cyber criminal needs

Nazil Dean, Sophos

Regardless of how powerful our security solutions are, how we keep our endpoints, servers, our networks secure, there is always going to be that risk of the end user connected to them, because humans are ultimately our weakest link in security, and even your most basic and new to the field social engineer is going to know that fact.

Technology aiding safety in the modern age - How AI can safely enable the digital transformation

Jarek Zdziech / Rogan Mallon, Palo Alto Networks

With the advancement of safety features all around us from cars, planes and trains we present how machine learning is safely enabling our journey into the fourth industrial revolution.

Identity is the SuperPower - Putting the "U" back in SecUrity

Paul Platen, SSS - IT Security Specialists

From the days of Creeper, Reaper and the Morris worm that gave birth the Anti-Virus industry, to DDOS attacks, SQL injection, trojans and logic bombs, to EternalBlue, WannaCry and NotPetya to Industrial Control Systems, IT and OT, Machine Identities, Nation State Sponsored attacks to Hactivism….

We have become so good at implementing traditional security measures and countering network attack vectors that we have inadvertently opened a new attack vector. The security perimeter has moved so far back that we have left the most important component of our security architecture and strategy exposed……the user!

Knowing how to manage and protect identities will become an critical skill that cyber security professionals will need in the future – be it machine identities, or human identities, it cannot be denied that identities are the centre of all systems.

During this presentation, we will look at how to move from Protect, Detect, Respond to IDENTIFY, Protect, Detect, Respond

The Three Proven Pillars of Security Awareness Success

Damian Grace, Phriendly Phishing

Join Damian as he shares his strategies and lessons learned from training over a quarter of a million staff across different organisations and sectors.

Damian will share his experience and introduce his own formula for success: Lead - Engage - Change.

  • Lead: By identifying key stakeholders in your organisation, aligning security outcomes with their goals, and addressing their concerns.
  • Engage: Discover the type of content that engages employees, the messages that resonate and avoid common approaches that might produce a negative effect.
  • Change: Here we will help you outline key metrics that will guide your efforts, satisfy business executives and, finally, help you build tactics to maintain the ground you gained.

Human error leads to the bulk of damaging breaches we see over and over again. With this session, you can learn how to lead and drive meaningful change. 

Machine Identity Protection - As machine identities explode, how does the human role evolve?

Hari Nair, Venafi

Digital Transformation has profoundly impacted organisations around the world - "every company is now a software company."

The cyber landscape has evolved to become sophisticated enough that encryption is not just a where-needed, but "always on." What used to be considered adequate, even best-of-breed, five years ago is not practical today. As such, problems like certificate-related outages continue to plague organizations big and small - only the impact is bigger.

At the same time there some tectonic shifts afoot that are fundamentally disrupting the landscape. As organisations deploy, migrate and/or transition to the cloud, the scale of machine identities has exploded. To facilitate this journey, service providers are "baking in" a lot of functionality into their technology stacks, which makes automation a lot more achievable as a goal. Yet, the plethora of providers and options makes it critical to adopt a strategy that avoids vendor lock-in, and is agnostic at many levels.

As automation explodes, visibility and intelligence become critical components of a machine identity protection strategy. Not just to ensure compliance to defined policies, but help InfoSec detect early indications of potential breaches.

In this session, we will explore the importance of machine identities, the need to protect them, and how in order to address these issues, we need to adopt approaches that combine *people*, process and technology.

Game changing fraud aware security for your business

Jeremy Ng, Entrust Datacard

Thanks to the cloud adoption and mobile devices, organisations worldwide have an ever-expanding online footprint. Employees work online, customers and suppliers do business with organisations online where reputation can be made or broken. Today’s cyber attacks are increasingly sophisticated and complex, driven by elaborate and resilient professional organisations that innovate faster than their targets. Hackers are not only after customers’ credit card details – they’re interested in any information that can be monetised in any way. The hacker’s motivation may be to get money, cause brand damage or just having fun at someone’s expense. A cyber attack can have a domino effect on business culminating in loss of revenue and goodwill, regulatory scrutiny, and fines, and even share price plunges. During this session, we will take you through the dangers that impact your business and how game changing fraud aware security can help your business grow!

Automating Human Best Practices - the best of both worlds

Anthony Farr, Swimlane

This talk engages with the audience around melding human best practices (which may or may not exist within their organisation) into automated workflows. Automation and orchestration is becoming increasingly important if organisations are to cope with the rising tide of cyber security events, related alerts, and remediation required. It challenges them to think how this could impact their organisation and their own personal day to day duties.


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SSS Cyber Security Day September 2019

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Our Speakers 

Nazil Dean, Enterprise Sales Engineer, Sophos

Nazil Dean Sophos-SSS-Cyber-Security-Event

As an Enterprise Sales Engineer, Nazil Dean is responsible for reviewing opportunities for Sophos, conducting technical demonstrations for customers and partners, and assisting in the training and development of new Sophos employees. Additionally, Nazil is the product specialist for endpoint and network security products, which sees him determine the appropriate Sophos solutions for a range of customers. 

Nazil has almost 20 years of experience in the IT industry, with more than 10 years as an IT security consultant. Before joining Sophos, he spent eight years working as a senior professional services engineer and pre-sales consultant for managed services provider, Avante IT.

Jarek Zdziech, Systems Engeineer, Palo Alto Networks
Rogan Mallon, Systems Engineer, Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Speakers2

Jarek Zdziech is an experienced Systems Engineer at Palo Alto Networks focusing on cyber security in all aspects of where sensitive data can reside. Previously specialising in networks communications and security testing at Ixia (since acquired by Keysight Technologies) and with a deep technical background in software development. Having worked globally and crossing many cultural bridges, he now brings his extensive talents to New Zealand.

Rogan Mallon currently works at Palo Alto Networks as a systems engineer, securing your digital way of life and everything else his Marketing team claims.

He is in his sixth year of doing so having previously spent time at VMware virtualising your digital way of life, and prior to that at Symantec de-duping, backing up and also securing your digital way of life albeit with old generation technology.


Paul Platen, Principal PKI and Identity Management Consultant, SSS - IT Security Specialists

Paul Platen-SSS-Cyber-Security-Events-2019

Paul Platen is a cyber security professional with extensive experience designing, deploying and consulting on    technology solutions in the field of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Identity Management.  Paul has extensive experience working with customers in the government and financial services industries. His specific areas of expertise include:

  • Identity Management
  • User and device authentication
  • PKI deployments that include on-premise, managed service and hybrid architectures
  • Digital signatures for client on-boarding in paper-less environments
  • Biometric solutions for user identification and non-repudiation


Damian Grace, Founder and General Manager, Phriendly Phishing

Damian Grace

Damian Grace is the Founder and General Manager of Phriendly Phishing. Leading the Ethical Hacking team at Shearwater for over eight years, Damian saw the impact phishing had on organisations.  When his grandfather was scammed out of his life savings, he made it his mission to create an effective anti-phishing solution to educate users.  Damian is now the General Manager at Phriendly Phishing, the phishing awareness training solution he founded which has grown to provide training for hundreds of thousands of users across Australia and New Zealand.

Hari Nair, Product Management Lead, Venafi


Hari Nair (@harinairtweets) leads product management at Venafi, a cyber-security company that is focuses on the security and management of cryptographic assets. Hari has spent all his career with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), developing and delivering strong authentication solutions for the largest, most security-conscious organisations in the world. Hari has a Masters in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and is a Padawan in the CISO Program at Carnegie Mellon University.

Jeremy Ng, Customer Success Manager, Entrust Datacard

Jeremy Ng Entrust Datacard

Jeremy has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and prior to joining Entrust Datacard, Jeremy spent six years in the financial services industry with Gemalto, focusing primarily on security and e-banking solutions, helping many banks worldwide with their digital banking initiatives. Jeremy is fluent in both English and Chinese, and has a Masters Degree in Information Systems Management.