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Rod Crook, co-founder and Solutions Director of Ascertia Limited, will share their learnings and experience working with their global partners and customers in implementing high-trust document workflow and digital signature solutions.

Join us for this free webinar and learn more about the key business requirements to consider when moving your paper processes online:

  • Data Security and residency
  • Resilience and scalability
  • User security
  • Deployment requirements
  • Branding requirements
  • Standards-based requirements
  • High-trust PKI requirements
  • Document longevity, verification and evidence
  • Role-based permissions and access controls

During this webinar, Rod will also delve a little deeper into the key workflows to consider:

  • Workflow flexibility
  • Signature flexibility
  • User flexibility

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About the Speaker


Rod Crook is a co-founder and Solutions Director for Ascertia Limited. 

Rod has over 20 years of experience in providing high trust cryptographic solutions for government, finance, telco, health, pharma and other industries.

As Solutions Director he works with partners around the world discussing how Ascertia’s products can drive business efficiencies, deliver easy-to-use solutions and leverage the value of PKI schemes to deliver high-trust, long-term digital signatures that secure business documents and data. This global perspective ensures that Ascertia’s products continue to deliver world-class functionality.

Rod holds a BSc (Honours) is a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered IT Professional.

About Ascertia

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Ascertia Limited is an independent software developer of digital signature, timestamping, long-term evidence archiving, and PKI certification and validation products.

They are a global leader in delivering functionally rich, easy-to-deploy e-Security solutions to deliver essential trust services needed by organisations to conduct electronic business.  Read more...

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