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Learn how you can quickly identify attack behaviours early in the kill chain, reducing cyber criminals' ability to propagate threats through any part of your network.

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Traditional gateway-based security approaches that mainly secure the perimeter, while necessary, are not sufficient to stay ahead of cyber criminals.  New strains of attacks will infiltrate network boundaries in spite of the best data path defenses.

Security practitioners today often find themselves a step behind cyber criminals.  This "Defender's Dilemma" is primarily driven by three factors:

  • A rapidly evolving threat landscape with increasingly sophisticated, aggressive and evasive attacks that exploit the shortcomings of traditional threat detection techniques.
  • Network and application dispersion, an increasingly  mobile workforce and adoption of cloud applications that leads to an increased number of threat vectors.
  • Extension of the network to virtual and public cloud platforms like AWS and Azure that leads to an increase in the total attack surface.

An effective approach to security now requires the following:

  • Complete and continuous visibility into all assets, processes and traffic flows across the entire network surface: on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Intelligent correlation of network events to quickly and reliably identify indicators of attack and compromise to detect threats early before they can do any damage.
  • Curated reports, forensic data and response workflows that minimise false positives enabling security operations teams to effectively and efficiently remediate breach incidents.

During this webinar, you will also be able to see a live demo illustrating an attack-detect-respond workflow using the AlienVault® USM Anywhere platform.

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About the Speaker

Sanjay Ramnath AlienVault

Sanjay Ramnath 
Vice President, Product Marketing at AlienVault®

Sanjay aims to make cyber security accessible to organisations of all sizes. He currently leads strategic product marketing for AlienVault®, a leader in Unified Security Management®. He has also held product leadership roles at Barracuda Networks where he designed, built and launched security and data protection solutions spanning hardware/software, SaaS and public cloud platforms.

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