Chrome to show HTTP sites as not secure

  • SSS – IAM Team
  • Nov 10, 2016

Google have announced a new policy regarding how Chrome is changing the trust indications and warnings when a website is not using HTTPS.

Bruce Morton, Director of Certificate Technology and Standards for Entrust Datacard has published a blog on this…

Always-On SSL should be deployed to prevent the “Not secure” warning

Website owners who do not secure their website with an SSL/TLS certificate will have to rethink their online strategy.  In a push to make the Internet safer for all users, Google will soon be issuing a stronger warning to visitors who navigate to a website that does not have the protection of an SSL/TLS certificate.

With the release of Chrome 53 on Windows, Google has changed the trust indications to introduce the circle-i. Subsequently, Google has announced a new warning message will be issued when a website is not using HTTPS.

The blog continues here.