The importance of Time Out – take a break this Christmas

  • Ashton Jones
  • Dec 19, 2019

Earlier in the year the team gave me a “Time Out Award” (pictured below) for actually switching off when on leave. Whilst the award was given in jest, the idea behind it is important.

The nature of my role and the evolving and ever-changing world of cyber, combined with the ability to work from anywhere, makes it very hard to switch off.

Life is busy. We get into a routine of “busyness” with time consumed through personal and business commitments. Days, weeks, and months fly by with not enough time to actually sit back, relax and reflect.
I really enjoy the hustle and bustle of business and the dynamic nature of the cyber security industry. The downside is that the type of activity that results can often lead to fatigue. There is also a natural tendency to focus time and mindspace on things that are urgent and high priority rather than strategic.

My four week break in July, in addition to spending some quality time with the family, allowed me to extract myself from the day to day and reevaluate what is important for SSS and for me personally.

The team we have here at SSS enabled me to do this. I knew that they had everything in hand.

As a result I came back to work refreshed and with a new focus. I started working on the business rather than within it. Something that is important for the future of SSS, our staff and our customers.

Working on the business means implementing solutions that reduce the high priority urgent workload and looking at the strategic outlook for our future.

My advice

  • Take regular short breaks and try to have one longer break at least once a year.
  • Before your break, prepare. Ensure that your team can support your workload in your absence.
  • Set the expectation that you are on leave and don’t want to be bothered unless it’s urgent.
  • On the break – switch off! If that means disabling email on your phone then do it.
  • Come back in a better headspace.

I hope you all have a great Christmas break – spend some quality time with the family, but also try to get away and reset ready to come back in 2020.

Happy Holidays,

Ashton and the team at SSS.