Now offering best-of-breed certificate service solutions

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  • Oct 25, 2019

As businesses accelerate digital transformation initiatives, employees, partners, and clients are all affected. The growing need for identity-based security solutions to build trust in business systems and adhere to stringent compliance regulations is an ongoing concern.

We understand that identity-based security is a critical tool when building your information security and compliance toolkit. Digital certificates are core to the SSS offering with a focus on securely managing and installing digital certificates, particularly SSL/TLS.

We are proud to partner with Entrust Datacard to provide best-of-breed certificate service solutions to New Zealand and Australian markets.

Pictured above (l – r)
Luis Bossio (Entrust Datacard), Paul Platen (SSS), Megan Schütte (SSS), Dorothy Praga (Entrust Datacard)

Entrust Datacard combines multiple web security solutions into a single certificate-as-a-service (CTaaS) offering which includes certificate discovery, website security, best practice implementation, and centralised management for all certificates. Our certificate service offering will also include automated SSL server tests that provide server configuration testing to ensure TLS/SSL certificates are properly installed and configured to defend against TLS/SSL related breaches.

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About Entrust Datacard

Maintaining a trusted and valid SSL / TLS certificate is an important part of ecommerce. Entrust Datacard SSL / TLS certificates provide a trusted connection for customers to transact and a more secure internet for organisations and the people who use it. Click here to read more