The NZ Red Cross needed a strong and easy to manage security solution for their head office and extensive branch of service centres across New Zealand. SSS deployed a Sophos UTM solution for NZ Red Cross which provided firewalling, wireless access points, web filtering and more.


“We’ve very pleased with how user-friendly Sophos UTM is to manage, and we’re now able to handle system upgrades ourselves with ease,”

Mr Sims. “If we do have any questions, we get excellent support from SSS who have always been highly responsive over the 2 years we’ve worked with them.”


“We had reasonably high expectations leading into the roll-out of Sophos UTM, and I must admit we’ve been pleasantly surprised just how well it has performed,” says Mr Sims. “We had a relatively complex install, which ultimately ended up being very seamless in the end, and that speaks volumes to the quality of the product,” he explains. “We’ve managed to simplify our IT infrastructure significantly, and Wi-Fi deployment in particular has been easy,” he adds.

“We simply pair a new access point in the Sophos UTM console, and then Sophos does the rest - and Wi-Fi is up and running which is awesome,” he explains. Sophos UTM allows Red Cross to manage its IT security centrally from its Wellington headquarters, and things have been performing well to date. “Our Sophos UTM solution is meeting all our requirements and is pretty invisible to us most of the time. Put simply, it’s doing its job and letting us get on with ours,” concludes Mr Sims.


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