With approximately 2,500 users across its network of campuses, MidCentral DHB processes almost 2,000 emails per day on average. With such a high volume of email activity, it is inevitable that occasional mistakes occur, so MidCentral DHB needed to find a solution to help it better manage the accurate sending of all outbound email.

"We handle a huge amount of data via email each day, and the need for all outbound emails to be accurate, and securely managed, is paramount to the organisation," says Robert Bradnock, Team Leader – Infrastructure at MidCentral DHB."

As a government department we have been watching recent public sector privacy issues very closely and proactively identifying ways in which we can ensure we don’t suffer the same embarrassing situation, " he adds. "We started looking at a lot of different solutions and while most had some good features, very few offered everything we needed," says Mr Bradnock. "It was only when we saw RecallIT that we felt we had a solution that ticked all the boxes," he adds.

RecallIT® is an email delay gateway that enables users to recall ‘faulty’ emails sent to external recipients. It holds outbound emails for a specified period prior to them actually leaving the organisation. Users are then able to ‘recall’ any of those emails.

MidCentral DHB is pleased with the value that RecallIT® has already delivered to its organisation. "RecallIT is a bit of a hidden gem really, a quiet achiever, that sits there doing exactly what we need it to do every day," says Mr Bradnock. "We’re only human and not robots and that means mistakes will happen, but with RecallIT we instantly have a layer of protection we didn’t have before," says Mr Bradnock.

"It’s a bit like an insurance policy that will help ensure we don’t find ourselves in an embarrassing situation," he explains. "RecallIT has satisfied all of our requirements, at a very reasonable cost of ownership, and continues to help us protect both our email and the reputation of MidCentral DHB," he concludes.


Robert Bradnock, Team Leader – Infrastructure at MidCentral DHB


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