With Health now the number one target for ransomware around the world, healthAlliance wanted to make sure their staff understand how to identify phishing emails and minimise the risk of compromise in their network.

They chose Phriendly Phishing, because with Phriendly Phishing they received a fully managed, comprehensive and measurable training solution.  A solution that is easy to use and enables them to understand their organisation's overall phishing risk profile and to educate their staff.

"Shearwater Solutions provided us with an excellent portal with a lot of automated interfaces and reporting modules which we felt were fundamental to allowing us to continue to effectively manage awareness and positive behavioural change across the business" - Liz Schoff, Security Consultant at healthAlliance.

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Phriendly Phishing is a Phishing Awareness and Simulation program developed by certified professionals at Shearwater Solutions.  Through ongoing research and practical experience in the field, developers ensure that the training remains current with phishing threats and techniques.  Read more...

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