Announcing the new SSS Email Security Assessment

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  • Nov 5, 2019

November 05, 2019  |  SSS Sales

SSS has released a new offering to bring an expert eye across the security and complexities of your email environment.

Email represents the biggest threat vector in New Zealand. Phishing, credential harvesting, malicious files, spam and other types of email are issues all of our customers deal with on a daily basis.

SSS, with over 20 years experience, have the resources to be able to help you assess how you can do a better job of protecting yourself.

We have already delivered this service to a few customers and the value they have received has been immense.

“SSS’s email security assessment enabled us to identify our key risks relating to email, one of our biggest attack vectors” – CISO, central government agency

Our Email Security Assessment is a comprehensive review of how you perform against 50+ key security best practice components with the output being a set of recommendations to improve. The service covers the following broad areas:

  • Assessment of cloud services including Exchange Online Protection
  • Inbound mail flow and security filtering
  • Outbound mail flow and security filtering
  • Security of middleware security systems such as SEEMail SMIME Encryption gateway, and sandboxing 
  • Utilisation of email validation technologies such as SPF and DMARC
  • Reviewing processes around handling of email quarantine and notifications.
  • The tools you provide staff and their ability to detect and respond to email borne threats

Want to know more?

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