Announcing STARS – Security Operations Reinvented

  • SSS – Sales
  • Jun 18, 2019

Let’s face it – security incident management is complex. It requires skills and capabilities that most organisations simply don’t have. This, combined with the rate of change in organisations, and the demand for more effective and efficient security, is placing a significant strain on IT service providers. This complexity makes it easy to overlook the people and process sides of security.

Organisations have a real challenge on their hands: 

There are a number of barriers to effective security operations:

  • There are often too many alerts to investigate
  • Many organisations don’t have formal response processes in place
  • There is a shortage of cybersecurity talent
  • The surface area of IT systems is expanding with digital transformation
  • Attacks are increasing in both frequency and complexity
  • Security teams are not always able to manage detection and response alarms
  • Security incident management is often a reactive process, and remediation can take time, and by that time the damage is already done

We can help you successfully manage your security threats and incidents

We are very excited about our new Security Threat Automation and Response Service (STARS).

STARS is a comprehensive managed security operations service that will change the way you manage cyber security incidents.

We have combined our 30+ years experience in IT security with market leading SIEM and SOAR products to provide a powerful security operations capability.

Our service can help by proactively managing security incidents, and by automating analysis and remediations, it provides more time to react to cyber events. This helps ensure that security teams are given time to plan future strategies and defences to the cyber trends in the future.

Our service helps:

  • Support effective and evidence based decisions on cyber security threats and SIEM alarms
  • Provides automation and orchestration for consistent responses and to increase efficiency of teams
  • Enables more effective and efficient incident response processes
  • Support reuse of existing investment of tools given extensive out-of-the-box integration with common tools
  • Deliver an improved mean time to remediate (MTTR) using measurements and benchmarks

Want to know more?

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