Achieve cost savings and productivity efficiencies through managed compliance

  • SSS GRC Team
  • May 21, 2021

Unless you have unlimited resources, you need a method of prioritising your resource use.

At SSS, we believe that IT decisions must be risk-based to ensure efficient and effective use of your limited resources. And we aren’t talking about IT risks – we mean your business risks – in the context of your business.

Do you have any of the following questions unanswered?

  • How do we manage our risks?
  • Which ones do we mitigate?
  • Is it ok to accept risk (and who can actually do that)?
  • Which controls do we use? Are they effective?
  • Have we re-checked them recently?

One of the ways you can better manage and mitigate your risks is to implement more efficient processes and systems around your internal controls compliance.

When organisations have to assess sometimes up to 100 or more systems per annum, with limited visibility and cross-reference functionality resulting in unnecessary repeated effort, coupled with conflicting priorities and a shortage of resources, internal controls compliance efforts are sometimes shifted to a lower priority.

We can help you get your internal control compliance activities back on track and help you save up to 80 hours per system you need to assess

We have launched an exciting new service to help you effectively manage your control compliance life cycle.

The SSS Controls Catalogue as a Service (CCaaS) provides you with the visibility you need for effective ongoing controls management to help you keep on top of your compliance activities and it ensures you follow a consistent approach.

The SSS CCaaS offers you:

  • a single integrated view for your controls, assets, assessment detail, owners, and timeframes,
  • the ability to schedule and alert on your compliance deadlines,
  • a holistic view of your status against your specific compliance requirement,
  • a viewpoint of each control and its status based on the most recent assessment of that control,
  • audibility and traceability of changes to compliance and the impacts of this through dashboards.

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