Acheron Capital Announces Acquisition Of Leading Cybersecurity Business In New Zealand

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  • Oct 1, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of SSS by Acheron Capital.

Acheron Capital is New Zealand’s first search fund and is dedicated to identifying, acquiring, and growing exceptional information security and technology services businesses in Aotearoa. Acheron was founded by Luke Taylor, a former military leader, executive, and consultant. Acheron’s acquisition of SSS is the first search fund transaction in New Zealand, and one of a small handful of emerging search fund acquisitions in the APAC region. Acheron’s acquisition in New Zealand follows the growth of search funds into Australasia and the ongoing global expansion of search funds from the US market.

The sale of SSS represents the first acquisition by a search fund in New Zealand. The appeal to SSS of a search fund buyer was that it allows the value that has been built over many years, along with the staff and existing culture to be preserved and propelled forward under new stewardship.

For us to consider selling SSS, it was a prerequisite that any acquirer would need to be an entity that would preserve the value of SSS and look after the staff and culture we have worked so hard to establish. The SSS company, brand, culture, and the way we work with our clients and suppliers will remain unchanged.

We welcome Luke Taylor will step in as the new CEO with Ashton Jones providing a handover and transitioning into the role of Consulting Executive.

You can read more about the acquisition here –