Our Vision as an Employer

We strive to be an employer of choice where our people belong, contribute, and are valued for the skills they bring.

"SSS really values its staff and the culture that it can provide us.  There is a lot of focus on team building activities and events which builds internal team relationships and long term friendships." - Georgia Elliott

SSS Teambuilding2


  • We are ethical.  We are honest, trustworthy, reliable and diligent.  We take responsibility and lead by example.
  • We are progressive.  We strive for self-improvement to grow.  We self-reflect and analyse our behavior and performance and constructively use feedback.
  • We are service oriented.  We are readily available, deliver excellent service to internal and external customers and generate win/win situations.
  • We are communicative.  We listen, share knowledge and give accurate and relevant information.
  • We are personable.  We build rapport.  We relate well to staff and customers, are approachable, positive, diplomatic, sensitive, insightful, perceptive, intuitive and conscientious.
  • We are adaptable.  We are accommodating, flexible and able to evolve quickly.
  • We are engaged.  We are proactive, we show initiative, commitment and demonstrates drive.
  • We solve problems.  We take ownership of problems.  We probe for solutions, make good decisions and pay attention to detail.
  • We are organised.  We are able to prioritise.  We show good time management and our actions are efficient to ourselves and others.
  • We are team players.  We coach others and consider others’ requirements.  We compete appropriately and are industrious and helpful.
  • We are company oriented.  We are conscious of how we use resources.  We maintain and enhance profitability, preserving and developing reputation and brand value.  We understand the bigger picture.
  • We are innovative.  We contribute new ideas and are creative.