Meet Tim Sweet, IT Security Intern

Tim Sweet joined us as an IT Security intern in November 2018.  Tim came to us via the Summer of Tech initiative.  

Summer of Tech works in collaboration with Employers to help match up great employers with great interns.

We asked Tim a few questions about his experience with our Internship Programme.

Please tell me about your current qualification?

I recently completed the Graduate Diploma in Information Assurance and Security at Weltec, which has helped me to develop a foundational understanding of information security and was an excellent complement to my BSc in Computer Science. The course focussed on teaching students how to assess cyber threats and to design secure information systems, integrating policy, practices and technologies into operational structures.

How did you hear about Summer of Tech?

I heard about the Summer of Tech by word-of-mouth from other students.

How did Summer of Tech work for you i.e. what process did you as a student / graduate have to follow?

The process involved completing a student profile on the Summer of Tech website and registering interest with employers that had listed internship opportunities. Employers that liked the look of my profile then invited me to what were called "speed interviews" which were held in the Pipitea Marae in Thorndon. These interviews typically only lasted 10 minutes for the average employer, but SSS IT Security Specialists stood out from the pack conducting significantly more thorough interviews on-premise in their Petone office.

Give me some info on your background (before you did your current degree).

I worked as an English teacher here in New Zealand and in Hong Kong before deciding to transition into a career in IT. My experience in the education industry was very rewarding but after about a decade I decided that I needed a new challenge and I have never looked back. I completed a Computer Science degree at Victoria University of Wellington and then worked as a developer for a US company called Fast Enterprises, helping to implement the IRD's new tax system for their Business Transformation project. After two years of development work I realised that I was really interested in cyber security and enrolled in my course at Weltec.

What has been your first impression about SSS?

My first impression about SSS is that it is a dynamic company with very strong leadership and a clear direction.

How was your initial few weeks with us?

The team have been really welcoming and I have already learnt a lot about IT security in just a few weeks. A particular highlight was going to the Cyber Security Day at Te Papa where I was able to meet some of SSS's partners and get a sense of what business problems their products help our customers to solve. I love the sense of community here and have been really impressed with the talent of the staff.

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If you are interested in the Summer of Tech initiative, you can read more on their website.