Meet Dylan Fenn, IT Security Intern

In November 2018 Dylan joined us as one of our IT Security Interns.  

What is your current qualification?

I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Information Security, and majored in Information Security and Assurance in 2018.

How did you hear about the Internship Programme here at SSS?

I was lucky enough to be recommended via word of mouth directly to the SSS HR Manager.

Tell us a little bit about your background

Before my degree I was mainly an apprentice electrician/labourer. In addition I gained experience in the other trades as a side effect such as plumbing and carpentry. As a result I'm very hands one and comfortable with power tools and the shovel.

Before that I worked as part time somewhat as a semi Network Support/Desktop Support general purpose IT person for a franchise. I originally dived into the electrician path because I had the mindset of 'Don't turn your hobby into a job'. In the end I'm glad I took the long windy path as I may have been somewhat jaded if I immediately left school to further pursue higher education when I still wasn't really certain as to what it was I wanted to do as a career.

Getting into the trades was a good character developing and perspective broadening exercise that I recognise in hindsight to be beneficial for me.

In my spare time I've always been somewhat technology obsessed. I'm constantly playing with both new technology and old technology for nostalgic reasons. I enjoyed self hosting services, mainly to play games with my friends and as a side effect of that my computer networking skills were well developed. I also made an early model 3D printer when that was popular and gained some exposure to how computers interface with power electronics.

What has been your first impression about SSS?

At first it was intimidating, but that's what interviewing process is like for everyone I imagine. Once I was introduced to the workplace I was really taken back at the friendliness and social environment that SSS possesses. The office set up was impressive, standing desks with multi monitor and single cable setup which allows the freedom to easily move around is really cool.

How were the first few weeks here at SSS for you?

It's truly been amazing. I feel very welcome and pretty much at home in my first couple of weeks. I honestly feel spoiled, the catered lunches and general attitudes of everyone at SSS is warm and friendly, it's incredible. I can quite comfortably say this is the best work experience I've had so far in my life. I'm also incredibly excited as to the future opportunities and autonomy that SSS enables at their workplace. I feel like after I get up to speed and gain more experience I'll be able to contribute many things of value in the future.