Internship Programme

We run a comprehensive internship programme and have partnered with Victoria University and the Summer of Tech initiative.  We are also open to receiving direct applications for our internship programme.

"One of the great things about the SSS internship is that I have had exposure to very different areas of IT Security.  I have had exposure to IT Security Support and Implementation for Endpoint security tools as well as other products, security consulting services and software development. It is important to know that the internship role is not just to showcase your skills, it is to help you transition into your professional career. An employer like SSS will offer you all the support you need" - Ranielle Aguinaldo

If you are interested to be considered for an internship position at SSS, please email to register your interest. 

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How can I prepare myself for applying for an internship position and attending an interview?

Our General Manager, Ashton Jones shares this useful information:

When we look at potential interns, we are looking for passionate and driven candidates.  These attributes are generally hard to spot in CVs and cover letters, and we really only use these documents to assess the following:

  • Your academic record.
  • The quality of your writing.  
  • Any relevant special interest projects you have completed outside of your studies.

At the interview stage, candidates that stand out are those that are personable, confident, professional, presentable, and most of all those who can demonstrate a passion relevant to IT Security.

We are looking for individuals who have taken the time to research our organisation, have specific interest in one or more of the areas that we work in, and ask good questions.

At the interview stage, we will also be on the look out for initiatives candidates have undertaken at home.  One example of this is where students maintained their own lab at home to expand their knowledge in relevant areas.

Most of all, be yourself in the interview. It doesn't make sense for you to join a company with a culture that doesn't work for you.

What can I expect if I am selected to join the SSS team as an intern?

At SSS you will be treated and welcomed as a member of the team. Your first few weeks will be focused on a comprehensive induction programme where you will have the opportunity to learn about our business, the different divisions and our solutions.  You will have the opportunity to shadow some of our team, gain real-world experience in an IT Security environment, and receive mentoring from our IT Security specialists.

During your time with us you will be able to share in the following benefits:

  • Lunch four days of the week with access to a well stocked kitchen
  • Access to online training
  • Start and finish times can be flexible depending on your allocated tasks and training sessions

Would there be any opportunities to progress my career at SSS beyond the internship programme?

At the end of your internship with SSS we will have a catch-up and if there are available opportunities that align with your career goals, discuss next steps with you.

What is it like working at SSS as an intern?



Ranielle joined us as an IT Security Intern in 2018.  We have subsequently employed him in a permanent full time position.  Read this article where Ranielle shares some of his experiences joining SSS as an intern

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