At SSS our staff matter! 

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We work hard to attract, train and retain staff that are driven, forward thinking and have lots of initiative.

We firmly believe that staff engagement is the foundation to customer satisfaction and profitable business. 

SSS offers a rewarding work environment with a focus on continued learning and development which results in a positive culture.

It is important to us that our staff feel engaged, heard and that they have the opportunity to make a positive contribution.  We pride ourselves on our dynamic leadership, a low staff turnover rate, competitive remuneration and great benefits like catered lunches and a well-stocked fridge.

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Internship opportunities at SSS

At SSS we are committed to help develop and prepare young talent for a career in the IT Security industry.  We are participating in initiatives like the Victoria University ICT Careers Expo and the Summer of Tech programme.

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Meet some of our team:

Georgia Georgia Elliott - Project Manager 


Our vision:

SSS strives to be an employer of choice where their people belong, contribute and are valued for the skills they bring.


  • We are ethical.  We are honest, trustworthy, reliable and diligent.  We take responsibility and lead by example.
  • We are progressive.  We strive for self-improvement to grow.  We self-reflect and analyse our behavior and performance and constructively use feedback.
  • We are service oriented.  We are readily available, deliver excellent service to internal and external customers and generate win/win situations.
  • We are communicative.  We listen, share knowledge and give accurate and relevant information.
  • We are personable.  We build rapport.  We relate well to staff and customers, are approachable, positive, diplomatic, sensitive, insightful, perceptive, intuitive and conscientious.
  • We are adaptable.  We are accommodating, flexible and able to evolve quickly.
  • We are engaged.  We are proactive, we show initiative, commitment and demonstrates drive.
  • We solve problems.  We take ownership of problems.  We probe for solutions, make good decisions and pay attention to detail.
  • We are organised.  We are able to prioritise.  We show good time management and our actions are efficient to ourselves and others.
  • We are team players.  We coach others and consider others’ requirements.  We compete appropriately and are industrious and helpful.
  • We are company oriented.  We are conscious of how we use resources.  We maintain and enhance profitability, preserving and developing reputation and brand value.  We understand the bigger picture.
  • We are innovative.  We contribute new ideas and are creative.

Our interview process:

It is incredibly important, for you (the candidate) and for us (the employer) to assess the cultural fit to ensure that we both benefit from your employment at SSS.  We follow an extensive interview process to ensure that you will know whether SSS is the right organisation for you.

Our process typically includes an initial telephone conversation, a panel interview and, for shortlisted candidates, the opportunity to meet some of the team.

Current opportunities (click on the position name for more information):

Contact details:

We are always looking for great people who have expertise in the area of Cyber Security.

If you are proactive and driven and you have a background in the IT Security space, please register your interest by emailing your current CV, along with a cover letter, telling us why you think you would be a great fit for SSS to