Focused on cyber security  

We are completely focused on cyber security

 We focus only on what we do best; cyber security! We are a New Zealand company that have been helping organisations solve their IT security problems for more than 30 years. We have extensive experience in both the government and private sectors in a range of industry verticals. 

Align solutions to outcomes and risk  

We align our solutions to business outcomes and risk

Our aim is to become your trusted advisor. To achieve this we work with you to understand your business and the outcomes you require whilst also aligning this understanding to risk. That way we can ensure we are doing everything we can to help you meet your outcomes and also appropriately manage your cyber risk. We do not believe in selling you something simply for the sake of selling. We only sell solutions, tools, and services that are right for you. 

Invest in good people  

We invest in our people so they do a good job for you

Our first priority is our staff. We work very hard to create a culture that promotes staff engagement and development. We believe that investing in our staff as our first priority means that they will be happy and wanting to do a great job for you, our client.

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