SSS has three core divisions to help you with various components of your security, these are as follows:

section icon security products Security Products – The SSS Security Products division specialises in providing you with  best of breed security products in New Zealand and Australia. SSS hand picks vendors to partner with based on their product capabilities (they must be the best in class for our customers) as well as the vendors support and future plans to ensure that what we sell you is of the best quality.

Our products include best-of-breed brands such as Sophos, Entrust, SafeNet, janusNET and Tripwire.

We actively promote selected products and ensure that we have sufficient skills to help install, support and continue providing you with a quality service.

We have also developed our own set of products, which we call the IT Modules and we sell these internationally.

One of our core values is "increasing customer advantage" and we do this by working with you to maximise the value you get out of your products and relationship with SSS.


section icon software development Software Development– SSS' development arm develops software solutions that address issues that you bring to us.

We work with you to understand the problems you are facing, particularly in the spaces of Email Security, APT prevention, Mobile Applications and Financial Markets Software and address these by developing software based solutions.

Generally we won't charge you for the development work that results from your request, instead we turn the idea into products that you purchase and we continue to maintain.


section icon security consultingSecurity Consulting - Our Security Consulting arm assists you to understand and improve your security posture and relate it to your specific business risk profile.

We carefully select staff based on qualifications, experience and cultural fit.

Our team have a range of qualifications including SABSA, CISSP and CISM and collectively we have been accepted onto the New Zealand All of Government Security and Related Services panel.

Our consulting services include Security Assurance, Security Governance, Security Risk Management, Information Security Management and Identity Management Services.

We also have a Virtual Information Security Manager offering, which allows you to purchase ad-hoc or regular hours from our security teams time to use as and when you need it.