Internship Programme2

Internship Programme

We have an annual internship programme with most of our interns offered permanent roles.

You can read more about our internship programme here.

Read more about our internship programme
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Tertiary Engagement2

Growing the Talent Pool for IT Security

We work with secondary and tertiary institutions to engage the next generation of Security professionals through course advisory, career expos, speaking engagements and other activities.
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Community Give back

Community Give-back

Staff are given time off work to participate in community activities, we make annual donations to a select group of charities, and we support the Innovative Young Minds initiative.
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Exclusive Senior IT Roundtable Events

Exclusive IT Roundtable Events

We host roundtable events for an exclusive group of senior IT Security professionals to collaborate and share ideas and information.

If you are in a senior or executive IT Security professional role and interested to be included, register your interest here.

Register your interest in our exclusive roundtable sessions
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Annual Cyber Security Events

Annual Cyber Security Event

We host our annual cyber security events to enable organisations to come together to discuss their biggest IT security issues and their biggest wins.

If you are interested in attending our annual cyber security events, you can register you interest here.
You can also read this section for more information when we release it.

Register your interest in our exclusive roundtable sessions
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Customer Success

Customer Success

Customer success ensures that we continuously assess the value you get from the solutions you by from SSS so that you get the most value out of the partnership.