COVID-19 Information

In this section you can find some important resources to help you stay productive and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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SSS COVID-19 response, Measures taken, and security advice

We have previously published the measures we are taking to the COVID-19 pandemic and offered some security advice. You can read the article here. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us on 0800 777 001. We are also publishing updates on our LinkedIn page.

SSS Response to Covid 19


Empower your staff to work securely from home

Free SigningHub e-signature pack up for grabs

Our partner Ascertia is offering any affected organisation a free 2,500 e-signature pack to be used by all employees on their SigningHub cloud service. This will help you continue some aspects of running your business during this time. Read their blog article here

You can register your interest here.

You can read a bit more about SigningHub here.

SigningHub image

National Cyber Security Centre - Working Remotely: Advice for Organisations and Staff

NCSC has observed an increase in malicious cyber activity surrounding COVID-19. Remote access solutions may be specific targets of cyber criminals and other hostile actors. Read this article with their advice for organisations and staff.

NCSC article


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)  Guide to Telework and BYOD Security

NIST published this guide to provide practical, real-world recommendations for securing telework computers' operating systems and applications as well as ohme networks that the computers use. It presents recommendations for securing mobile devices used for telework and advice on protecting the information stored on telework computers and removable data. You can download the document here or by clicking on the image below.

NIST Guide to Telework and BYOD security


Create a secure work from home strategy

Entrust Datacard shares this article on how to quickly, securely, and flexibly implement an all-encompassing work-from-home (WFH) policy. Read the article here.

Entrust Datacard article Work from Home strategy


5 Best Practices for Safe and Secure Remote work

Swimlane shared an article discussing some of the risks for you to be aware of when you have staff working from home and what they recommend you can do to mitigate these. Read the article here.

Swimlane 5 best practices working from home


Protect Your Personal Devices for Free - Free Download

You and your staff can protect your personal devices for free. Download Sophos Home here.

2020 03 18 13 51 10 Sophos Home Cybersecurity Made Simple home2.sophos updated


If you have a Sophos Firewall - A Guide To Enable VPN Capabilities

If you are an existing client with a Sophos Firewall, this guide will help you enable VPN so your users can securely work from home. If you need assistance enabling your VPN, you can contact our support team on 0800 777 001.



COVID-19 phishing, spam, and malicious campaigns

CERT NZ reports that attackers are using COVID-19 themed scams. Read more about specific text message scams, phishing emails claiming to have updated COVID-19 information, and fake coronavirus maps containing malware.


Sophos shared this video on a very specific phishing campaign appearing to come from the World Health Organization. Watch this video to find out what to look out for, and some other tips on what to do if you did become a victim of a phishing attack