2019 SSS Cyber Security event update

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  • Oct 28, 2019

Recently we hosted the annual SSS Cyber Security Days in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch with the relevant theme “The human element”.

Our speakers shared some of the challenges, and why it is important for organisations to look at ways they can help empower their staff.

The Human Element theme was selected because people are often deprioritised over technology in our world. We looked at the human component in Cyber Security in two ways, firstly as the target and secondly as the responder.

Enabling your staff to be your frontline protection is a reasonably inexpensive and hugely valuable activity. High percentages of attacks and compromises stem from user actions. They are the most targeted and most compromised medium when it comes to Cyber Security.

At the event our presenters discussed how to best enable your staff to be aware of cyber threats and also how to enable your security professionals to be efficient and effective in their response.

Based on the feedback we have received, attendees got a lot out of our event and are excited to attend next year!

“I attended the SSS security conference in 2019 and was impressed by the content and presenters but also the opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues and to build connections with other industry specialists that will be maintained in the coming months”

Interested in attending the SSS Cyber Security events in 2020?

We have now started our planning for our 2020 events. Please email us at sales@sss.co.nz if you would like us to let you know when we release more information.

Summary of presentations

Email us at sales@sss.co.nz if you would like to discuss any of the topics and associated solutions further.

Humans, the friend every cyber criminal needs

  • Email phishing is any type of attempt to trick someone into doing something to benefit cyber criminals
  • There are many different types of phishing attacks
  • 41% of IT professionals report phishing attacks occurring daily
  • Cyber crime was expected to generate at least $1.5 trillion in 2018
  • GandCrab ransomware is one of the most widely distributed ransomwares in 2019
  • As an organisation – do not over complicate cyber security policy, follow best practice cyber hygiene, and invest in staff development

Identity is the super power – putting the “U” back in SecUrity

  • The framework is to identify, educate, and enable
  • Identity is important for providing assurance and can enabling more effective decisions
  • Involve users in the security efforts – supplemented by technology
  • Change the narrative from “the user is the weakest link” to “the user is the most targeted”
  • The New Zealand Government is working on several initiatives around this

The three proven pillars of security awareness success

  • The three pillars of success are to lead, to engage, and then to enable users to change their behaviour through continuous improvement
  • Over the last quarter, incidents were up 21%, scams and fraud were up 38%, and ransomware up by 38%
  • Security awareness is more important than ever
  • It is important to understand what your learning culture is

Technology aiding safety in the modern age – How AI can safely enable the digital transformation

  • Machine learning consists of algorithms and processes that “learn” by using past data and experiences to predict future outcomes
  • There are strategies and technologies that can help guide and educate users on the dangers of cyber attacks
  • Employees who aren’t trained in cyber security can inadvertently expose their organisations to attacks
  • Striking a balance between security restrictions and enabling business processes is difficult

Automating human best practices, the best of both worlds

  • Automation of repetitive tasks enables people to shift their focus to things that require more creative problem solving (the interesting stuff)
  • Automation can help organisations better manage incidents through consistent process

Machine identity protection – As machine identities explode, how does the human role evolve?

  • Machines are playing an increasingly important role in business operations
  • Machine identities ensure that machines can be authenticated and trusted
  • The human role in enterprise-scale machine identity protection is evolving
  • It is important to clearly define your policies, roles, and responsibilities around machine identity protection

Game changing fraud-aware security for your business

  • Digital transformation has many faces, and is about improving business outcomes
  • An increasing digital presence increases the risk of cyber attacks
  • Inadequate digital trust can have a massive impact on individuals, systems, and organisations
  • Trusted identity that is fraud-aware helps in digital transformation