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April 2014

How to clean up your Active Directory

When helping our customers deploy new IT security solutions, we often find their Active Directory (AD) contains a lot of entries for old, no longer connected computers. This makes the job of deploying the new systems more difficult / time consuming than it needs to be.

This month our engineer Alex Bruce has written an article for us that explains a simple method for identifying these "old" computers in your AD, and then moving them "out of the way" to a new OU.

To read more click here

Entrust has appointed SSS as the premium partner for the Entrust Enterprise product range in New Zealand

Further to our announcement in January of the launch of our new Security Consulting – Identity Management division, we are pleased to announce now that Entrust have appointed SSS as their premium partner in New Zealand for the Entrust Enterprise product range. Entrust has been at the forefront of the identity-based security market for nearly two decades, and their solutions are a great fit for New Zealand organisations.

Kenneth Chan, Technical Services Manager for ANZ, states "Entrust already has a well-established customer base in New Zealand and SSS, with their specialist staff, offer a true value added service to the current customer base and the many new organisations we are now talking with. Entrust is excited to be working with SSS to help improve Identity Management for New Zealand organisations."

The Entrust enterprise products include:

In addition to the Entrust Enterprise Product set, SSS also resells the Entrust SSL Certificate range. Entrust SSL Certificates are a much lower-cost alternative to Verisign and are just as secure/recognised.

Let us know if you'd like us send you more information on, or talk with you about, any of the tools above.

Customer Focus – The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment use Data Classification to enhance security and enable mobile devices for business use

MBIE reviewed solutions to resolve two problems: email data loss and mobile security. This case study summarises the process MBIE went through to resolve these issues and focusses in on the comparison they made between traditional containerised approaches for locking down mobile phones and the alternative filtering method that data classification and janusNET allows for.

In addition to enabling mobile devices, data classification also allows MBIE to enhance their email security and filtering based on the classification of each email.

"For us, the three janusNET solutions combined are giving us much more than the sum of the parts. Email classification is making email filtering more effective, and janusGATE mobile is enabling our people to do their jobs". Matthew Morris, Project Manager, MBIE.

Read the full case study here.

March 2014

Digital Certificates – the Trust Chain

Our new engineer and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) specialist Chris Post has written a brief overview for us of Digital Certificates and how the Trust Chain in them works.

So what are digital certificates, where would I find one, and why should I care?

Peoples normal day to day interaction with digital certificates is transparent, they are mostly unaware there is a whole bunch of digital certificate "work" going in their browsers all the time. People may have heard of "digital certificates", but most would still be blissfully unaware of what they actually are and what they are used for. This article intends to cover off people’s most common interaction with digital certificates, which is through a web browser.

A digital certificate is an electronic file that is designed to represent the authenticity and legitimacy of the subject of the certificate, such as a person or in the case of this article, a website. The digital certificate is also fundamental in the creation of a secure encrypted link between the web server and your web browser...

You can see the article here

Tripwire - Free Cloud-based Vulnerability Scanner

Tripwire® has released an online vulnerability scanner, SecureScan, which finds security vulnerabilities in the computers and applications on your network, and provides instructions on how to fix them - all free of charge for up to 100 IP’s.

Click here to get your free scan

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) prevention – StripIT

Recently we have had several customers ask us what we can
do for advanced persistent threat prevention, particularly for files coming via email and webservers.

Many APT’s are targeted and/or zero day exploits that your Antivirus and other security measures may not pick up. SSS has a range of tools that protect from this type of malicious code - including StripIT.

StripIT is a gateway utility that scans for and removes active content that may be embedded within Office and PDF files that arrive in inbound email, and then transfers the “sanitised” files on to the intended recipients, thus allowing for the business to continue without the risk.

For more information on StripIT or our other APT prevention tools please contact us.

Customer Testimonial

Ministry for the Environment

"When we need assistance with the large suite of products that SSS provides to the Ministry, a quick phone call will get us in direct contact with knowledgeable, dedicated, local technical support and the problem will be solved."

Mike Porter – Manager – Information Management – Ministry for the Environment

February 2014

Establishing Identity: Today and Tomorrow

Establishing Identity: One of SSS’s focuses this year is to work with our customers to assist them with Identity Access Management, which Gartner describes as: "the security discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons."

Saad Humayun of SSS has written a brief overview of the current state of establishing identity, from a viewpoint of challenges and opportunities in the New Zealand context. Click here to view - we hope you enjoy the read.


When an organization has been compromised, some of the first questions to ask are critical:

  • "Which systems can I trust?"
  • "What was done to compromise my systems or data?"
  • "How quickly can I figure out where I stand?"

This white paper provides an overview of the five-step approach we take to restore trust after a breach for enterprises who had not previously implemented Tripwire solutions. Download your copy today.

Customer Focus: Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki (WITT) chooses Sophos Complete Security Suite

In 2013 the IT department at WITT recognised a marked increase in the use of mobile devices on campus and identified the urgent need for a solution to accommodate this increased demand.

"We began looking at what was out there and we focussed our search on finding a solution that would not only meet our immediate needs, but would also future-proof us as an organisation," says Mr Attridge – IT Manager at WITT.

SOPHOS Complete Security Suite offered WITT a full security solution including endpoint anti-virus, web and email gateway appliances, and mobile device management - all in one easy to manage product license. This meant that WITT’s immediate and future IT security needs were met without the need for future add-ons.

"SOPHOS gives us greater control and monitoring capability, and because it is designed from the ground up to be easy to configure and manage, that means a significant improvement in ease of administration for our team," says Mr Attridge. "We’ve also achieved a much greater bang for our buck, as we get much more functionality with SOPHOS, right out of the box, than with other solutions," he adds.

You can read the full Case Study here

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