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October 2014

An analysis of a spear phishing attack - with some surprising findings

by the IT Security team at Otago University - led by Mark Borrie

Below is a summary of a paper that Mark Borrie delivered to a Tertiary ICT conference in 2013. Whilst the events occurred over a year ago now, their analysis yielded some surprising results that are relevant to us now. For us, the take home message is that staff often exhibit less secure behaviours/mind-sets when using mobile devices to access corporate information, as opposed to when they access that same information from workstations.

Click here to read the full article

Announcing SSS Secure Community

Today we’re announcing the release of SSS Secure Community – an easy to manage facility to enable truly secure email communication within and across communities of interest.

There are two key elements of SSS Secure Community:

  • Use of the underlying S/MIME email standard – for encrypting and digitally signing email; and
  • A centralised LDAP certificate store with associated PKI – for community members to store their public certificates in, and for member S/MIME gateways to query. This allows us to issue and maintain a Secure Community of certificates for domains and users. Once a domain or user is accepted into the community they are issued a certificate and this is loaded into the LDAP repository (Certificate list).

Click here to see the full announcement, which includes an FAQ section.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss joining SSS Secure Community: email us , or call us on 04 917 6670.

ClaimIT, our first iPhone app

SSS is pleased to announce the launch of ClaimIT, our first iPhone app. It’s a simpler and faster way for you and your organisation to manage expenses and reimbursements. Just take a snapshot of receipts on the go. Enter data immediately or later when you have time and submit claims instantly or at the end of the month.

After using this app internally at SSS, ClaimIT has proved to streamline and standardise our expense tracking system, and we hope that you will be able to make use of it too. Please visit for more details or download the app directly from the app store today. It's FREE and available for iPhone 4 and later. The Android version is under development.

Like the idea but want a more customised version of ClaimIT? Drop us a line or give us a call. We'd always love to hear how we can make ClaimIT work better for you.

We love talking with customers…

…so please do drop by our stand and say "hello" if you are attending any of these conferences that we will be at in the next few months:

September 2014

Greylisting – and the problem with Google Mail servers

Greylisting is a method of reducing incoming spam. It has been in use for many years, and has proved to be an effective and low cost way to significantly reduce spam. Recently, a down side to grey listing has become apparent. Some companies – Google in particular – that provide email services are not set up to be grey listing friendly. As a result, emails from these email services can be delayed for significant periods of time. We have a look at this situation and suggest ways to manage it here.

Backups: Assuring data recoverability

Can you confidently recover your data? Most products are designed to backup your data only. Why do you backup data? There is on one reason and that is to recover. Do you have confidence in your existing backup product and know that the data that you are backing up can be tested daily and is recoverable? Is your company at risk? Most companies do not test the recoverability of backups.

StorageCraft ShadowProtect is a backup and disaster recovery solution for Virtual, Physical and Cloud based servers. Organisations of any size can monitor and manage multiple physical and virtual servers as wells as desktops and laptops protected by StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect.

Key benefits:

  • Automatically test your ShadowProtect backup images every night to ensure complete recoverability.
  • Centrally manage & monitor all ShadowProtect backup images at any time from one centralised console.
  • Automated daily and monthly reporting on backup status, successes and failures delivering monitoring and most importantly testing capabilities across your windows based servers.
  • Sector based real-time technology ensuring that you meet your recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives.

A bit more about StorageCraft:

StorageCraft now has over 50,000 customers in New Zealand and Australia.

  • Real-time protection of data, databases and even the operating system every 15 minutes
  • Reduce backup windows from hours to minutes (Starwood group went from 26 hours to 30 seconds)
  • Recover entire servers in minutes and files in seconds

StorageCraft delivers more than recoverability

  • Real-time replication
  • Near zero impact migrations (P2P, P2V, V2V, V2P)
    (P=physical server; V=virtual server)
  • Enterprise disaster recovery to VMware or Hyper-V

You can see more detail on the Starwood group's use of StorageCraft ShadowProtect here

During September we will be running a series of webinars focused StorageCraft backup and disaster recovery solutions - starting Monday 8th September. Contact us today if you’d like to book a place into one of those, or if you would just like to find out more about the product solutions in general.

We love talking with customers…

…so please do drop by our stand and say "hello" if you are attending any of these conferences that we will be at in the next few months:

Customer Focus: University of Canterbury

"We have been SSS customers for many years, initially for support and procurement of email messaging services from Process Software. They have provided a consistently high level of service for what has become a rather niche market (OpenVMS). More recently we moved our Sophos antivirus support to SSS. They have shown a high level of technical expertise and reacted promptly to any issues we have had. SSS have always been willing to negotiate favourable terms with our suppliers."

Malcolm Smeaton - Deputy CIO at University of Canterbury

August 2014

Time based web content policy controls can be useful - but beware the limitations

Problem 1: Some of your users are wasting too much time on sites such as Facebook; but you don't want to block access to all users all the time.

Problem 2: You have blocked all access to sites such as Facebook, TradeMe & Stuff, but would like to enable some form of "Reasonable Use" policy

Solution: Enable time based controls or usage reports on your Web Proxy Server - but be aware of the limitations of time-quota based policies and reporting.

Click here to see more information on the benefits of time based policies and also the major shortfall.

Massive savings available with Entrust: Save up to 77% on Multifactor Authentication!

Recently, a large customer of ours worked out that they could cut their cost of Multi-Factor Authentication by 77% - simply by moving off RSA on to Entrust Identity Guard. In addition, moving to Entrust increased the number of authentication options available to them.

  • Much lower cost: Typically Entrust is 25% of the cost of the server and user CALs of products like RSA. Entrust Mobile Soft Tokens (One Time Password – OTP) and/or physical tokens, are only $20 each at the lowest volume, whereas other vendor's tokens are typically around $150 each.
  • Much more functionality: Entrust offers the widest range of authenticators on the market via a single platform including SMS, Tokens, Digital Certificates, Passwords, IP Geolocation, Mobile Device Certificates, Smartcards and USB, Biometrics, Grid cards and knowledge based authentication.
  • Much more flexibility: Entrust enables multiple identities to be used on a single mobile device, PIV (Personal Identity Verification) standards credentials remove the need for a 'client' to be installed on external users' machine for smartcard/smartUSB management. PIV is natively supported on Windows 7
  • Much better manageability: Entrust also has great tools to make the overall management of the environment easier - such as a self-service portal, and a second factor authenticator to reset AD credentials

If you already have RSA deployed for Multi-Factor Authentication, the sensible time to move to Entrust is when you need more / different tokens, or when your annual maintenance is due. With Entrust, you can use Entrust IdentityGuard as the front end to an existing RSA infrastructure so that you can continue to use existing RSA tokens alongside new Entrust tokens. Thus extracting the value from the old asset at the same time as enabling the cost savings and increased functionality and security options of the new Entrust solutions.

Contact us to learn more about deploying Entrust IdentityGuard for Multi-Factor Authentication.

Identity Management – the heart of a modern security policy

We can help you with all aspects of your organisation's Identity Management. Our services can enable you to reduce your user management overheads, and improve your organisation's security, governance and compliance. Our engagements typically help in areas that range from automation of user provisioning; empowering users to manage their own password resets; PKI; role-based access solutions; right through to the deployment of advanced authentication platforms.

Click here to see more detail on our Identity Management Services.

We love talking with customers…

…so please do drop by our stand and say "hello" if you are attending any of these conferences that we will be at in the next few months:

Customer Focus: Baycorp

"Our engagement with SSS started a couple of years ago, to provide us with Sophos antivirus and management tools. SSS has always been available to provide us with excellent technical advice, and we've appreciated the high level of customer service we get from them."

Ray Al Jawad - IT Operations Manager at Baycorp Australia & New Zealand

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